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I understand my time obligation from April 2019 to November 2019 as outlined in these documents.

I also understand that attendance at the HLS monthly session and other events over the course of the 8-month experience is mandatory and that if I miss more than one of these events, I may be released from the class and forfeit the $550 class fee.

I also recognize my commitment to come to each meeting prepared with any completed monthly assignments as a catalyst for my personal and professional development.
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Each applicant will submit his or her application during Round 1 of the selection process. Round 2 will then consist of personal interviews for eligible applicants, who will be notified upon our
receipt of this application whether they have been invited for an interview. Upon completion of these two rounds, applicants will be informed about whether they have been accepted into this year’s class.

Leadership Series



Please have three letters of recommendation sent on your behalf as your endorsement for this program. (Please exclude family members or co-workers.)

Recommendation letters can be emailed to HLS Administrative Assistant Jean Crane at jean@hoosierfamily.org, or mail to Jean Crane at the following address:

Indiana Family Institute
Attn: HLS 2017 Reference
3600 W. 96th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46268

References should include:
1. Professional Reference
2. Personal Reference
3. Reference of Choice (academic, religious, volunteer, organization, etc.)

Please be sure that your references include all of their contact information, including their telephone and email address.


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